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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Chasing that Illusive "Peace"

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Peace and what that word conjures up is really not what one can explain at great length.  Peace or the lack of it comes in various forms to different people and it varies in different cultures with different meanings.

For the war torn, peace comes in the form of security from strive and they stalk the freedom they yearn to live their lives the way they want with their families. Imagine being taken away from your own and put in a different and frightening environment. Imagine watching someone die, especially a loved one right in front of your eyes.
For an avid traveler, peace comes in the form of the beauty of nature. Sunrise on tropical horizons, sunsets and the welcoming of dusk, watching the moon over a clear dark sky, taking in the beauty of the mountains and valleys below and of course the sights of new places and of high-rises and such.  A world that has grown with development.
For a child, peace comes in the form of sleep. A peaceful rendezvous after a day of turbulence.
For a parent, chasing that illusive peace will be a lifelong situation. The constant nagging of everyday life bearing upon them by worrying about the welfare and safety of their children and their families as being uppermost.

Peace - where do we even begin as we analyse the political situation of a country. It augurs well to remember that the inhabitants of earth are greatly disrupted by the lack of it. Every one life is directly or indirectly affected. You can be miles away from a region of war or catastrophes and still be affected by the turmoil therein a displaced society. With the world now integrated by technology, each one of us have someone or other in every part of the world. We are more or less related someway or other.

Peace - I look to the view outside my window in the mornings. Trees looming over rooftops with the gentle clouds passing over in a pastel blue cascade of the sky. There is an insecurity within me when I think of peace. Much too much of anxiety and troubles coincide with daily life these days. 
Sometimes waking up the next day is peace by itself.

Life  is a constant struggle to chase that illusive "Peace".

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