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Monday, July 11, 2016

All Lives Matter!!

Sometimes as you sit in the dark and wonder
Why the discrimination is so..
How  you get categorized
And labelled 
Why it hasn't changed your thinking much 
All through the decades you have lived

How did the world come to this stage
Where hate somewhat rules hearts with much at stake
Why is it still in force, this hate
Aren't we have supposed to have overcome it
Even as the earth revolves around you, you hear the whispers 
Some die mysteriously
Killed in a revengeful ploy
Some are killed outright
Was there a celebratory march with the last shot? 

It almost seems like mankind doesn't want to change
They prefer the discrimination
To feel somewhat like a hero
In the midst of blood thirsty egos

Yes they prefer
To label each other with colors
To direct hurtful tirades
To arm themselves with mortars
Thus taking innocent lives
And be champions of a dead generation

Why this consummation with color in the first place?

Yes, I believe they just want to go on
And not put down their weapons
I believe they are consumed by this innate thirst
To carry on with their misguided missions
To harbor ill-conceived grudges
Man-made most of them
Just to support their uncalled for cause

I tell you now ALL LIVES MATTER
Be the change and make it matter!!

All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2016

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