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Monday, September 26, 2016

The Voice of Love

The voice of love
The dusk of the evening filled her with trepidation
She thought she heard a distinct diminution..
Outside the fallen leaves seemed
dry and crisp
Engaging her thoughts interspersing with a voice..
He seemed to call out to her
His love apparent and his words full of tears..
She felt him in her arms crying a silent wish
To be with her at all times 
or sometimes
even with unseen seeking for her nearness
She saw someone from her past in him and she cried
her wistfulness helpless and in a random time
She said a prayer for him
maybe to bring her fears to allay
the storm inside..
He touched her once in many ways twice
A completed man and incomplete by her
A man of stirring with a heart of desire
To be with a woman
he concludes as his dream tireless
His illusion may bring him completion
May he not or May he his question
For she is bound by a ring
which in the eyes of him
 stays hidden...

Friday, September 23, 2016

To Be Portrayed To The Next World

I once took a stroll in the gardens
To take in its fragrance and beauty
The green of the grass presented a sight
The blueprint of the sky a vision I captured
Making a landscape in my mind


In the far corner of my mind
Lay all my inhibitions
Would this gorgeous parade of a spectacle one day collide
With a storm
And disappear in a crumbled projection

And then

I realized that true to its awakening
No matter how destroyed
It becomes yet another attraction
For the next one like I
To stand and be inspired
And make it a canvas
To be portrayed to the next world


Tuesday, September 20, 2016

We seek Peace as We Celebrate International Day of Peace - 21/09

Image result for free image of a dove

The ever elusive Peace
Is celebrated throughout the world
On a surface you see a calm
Turmoil within claim disproportionate lives

There is something in finding Peace
A fight even within us that cannot be extinguished
The World in direct proportion to unrest
Much has to be said of its will to survive

Peace, Peace holds us ransom
Sometimes in ways that we cannot comprehend
You can never just walk away from its importance
The path you take might lead you to a line of fire

So let Peace prevail in every aspect of our lives
From our hearts which beat a renewed hope
From our minds that reach out for understanding
Through our actions may we be the light
Through our comradeship, may we dissolve war
And regain a rightful place of peacefulness 
So treasured by ALL lives.

Seeking peace is so hard in our days where war is so apparent and entwined in 
every aspect of our lives - shobana

All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2016

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Native to her mind
She sits in rememberance
Careful not to heed the need to cry
Being strong her only ally

And as time passes
With the aches that continue
She watches the world revolving
Cherishing those little escapades

Life is not to be played around with
Those who hurt outnumber those who don't
Someday the opportunity to release her vent
Will chance upon her
For her turn to seek revenge
Hell's fury will be let loose
And then the war of tirades 
Will begin..


Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Remembering My Brother Desmond

Image result for free image of a rose

It's been 9 years since you left us
The youngest and the naughtiest child amongst us 

You were the catalyst for my writing
I wish you were here to see how far I've come
You would be the most happiest and would have worn a badge of pride

Your smile still lingers and pales every other smile
Your teasing ways we used to laugh and joke about

We miss you more as each day passes
Not a day goes by when we forget our sadness
Of losing you when you had the world at your feet

We walk through life just remembering the good times
When all of us were together united as a FAMILY

We bide our time until we meet again.
So shine on us Desmond the Glory of Heaven's Love

All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2016

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Windows to the Soul

Image result for free images of a pen and paper

This fascination I have
I have indulged in with no regard for lost time
A pen and a paper
A blank page that comes alive
With written scripts and doctored myths
Of stories told and decrees held captive
Where a dwelling is subject to a clause defined
Marriages solemnized and torn apart

Every page with dotted lines
With a promise to wreck or create a line
That inspires one to read and rhyme
A treasure of knowledge tested with time..

Give me a blank page and I will make a prized possession of it.
I will fill every space of a blank page just to have my voice heard - shobana

All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2016

Thursday, September 1, 2016

I Once Trailed A River

Image result for free image of a river

I once trailed a river that lead to the clouds
With its image imprinted in the quiet waters
The colors a mirror
I stared at the splendor
Of the inscription on water

Pockets of Clouds they seem to glow
White dotted cotton with a touch of blue
The green of the grassland cradled its flow
The dual of its purpose
To water the growth

I stood on the dry land
And watched it fade away
Deeply etched imprints 
It left my way

As the dark of the nightfall
Shadowed its flow
I walk away uplifted
It to be the most beauteous show

All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2016

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