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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

We seek Peace as We Celebrate International Day of Peace - 21/09

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The ever elusive Peace
Is celebrated throughout the world
On a surface you see a calm
Turmoil within claim disproportionate lives

There is something in finding Peace
A fight even within us that cannot be extinguished
The World in direct proportion to unrest
Much has to be said of its will to survive

Peace, Peace holds us ransom
Sometimes in ways that we cannot comprehend
You can never just walk away from its importance
The path you take might lead you to a line of fire

So let Peace prevail in every aspect of our lives
From our hearts which beat a renewed hope
From our minds that reach out for understanding
Through our actions may we be the light
Through our comradeship, may we dissolve war
And regain a rightful place of peacefulness 
So treasured by ALL lives.

Seeking peace is so hard in our days where war is so apparent and entwined in 
every aspect of our lives - shobana

All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2016

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