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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Crushed Dreams Come Alive Too

She was shy of six
With a pony tail high up on her head
She wore boots to match her stature
And a denim jacket over her crumpled outfit

She walked up to the Minister
And quietly laid her troubled head on his shoulder
And she sang a song that saw her crushed dreams come alive

And it went like this or may be not

Not one of my friends care like I do
Not one them say a prayer like I do
They ride in big cars and talk with their riches
Not one of them think like I do

Say Minister, would you tell me if it counts
To be on the other side
And ride your life the way I do
With not much of a chance
To live out my life with my
friends who have more than I do

Though I live a life
With nothing that comes without strife
But then I see beauty where there's none
And I smile at the sun
I laugh at the stars that gather on moonless nights

And the Minister said

There is nothing to yearn in the way your friends live
Someday the person you are will shine through
The world will bow and my child you are only six now
Who knows the brightest of stars will be you..


Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Its More Than That

Its more than that
Every little thing is taken into account
The Sun and The Moon
The Stars and Its Views
I believe its more than that

A falling star can even rupture the site
Its fall not accounted for by the scientists of our time
or even noticed
Do you think it would be missed by far
The galaxies will integrate another
To be their chosen Fall Guy

Its more than that
If a prayer could be heard a million miles away
Would you summon a needy to pray
Do you think God hears it all
Or does he just listen to whispers

He can pass this way
And depending on the road he takes
Would a storm he awake
Or does he pass unseen

Its more than that..


Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Is God Ever Wrong

Sometimes I wonder at the times
Isn't there a check and balance
Even in God's Good book
I see the times and I wonder now

Was God Wrong to create a world
so divided by race and its creed
Doesn't that invoke a disparity
Multiplied by the power of Greed

Greed overpowers Man's senses now
They reap what they sow
And today we are hit with stones
By the very act of savagery and injustice
laid long before God walked the Earth

I woke up to a morning of thinking
Did the word of my God tell me
What I wanted to hear
The stark reality just isn't clear
There is no wisdom in the current

There is deep pain in my heart
As I think of all that's done
To my world that was once an ideal place to be

There is injustice Lord to the suffering ones
When the powerless are besieged into drudgery

I feel a sense of unfairness
take hold of me
I feel a sense of destitute
within me

Each day as I pray
I remember the pain
But it just doesn't go away

So I ask Is God Ever Wrong
Because Today I've been wronged
And I want to be set free
To walk and leave my footsteps
In a world that 's sold it soul to the  Powers of the Mighty.


Wednesday, October 5, 2016


The sun drenched seas of mighty oceans
Once lapping gently now tearing homes
and scores of habitation in their way
They match the winds that move with fierceness
Destroying all that dares to come their way

Where is the gentleness of the wind
Or the softness of the waves at play
It is a mighty destruction
Man-made you can say

Tons of rubbish, rubble, debris
Strewn across miles far to sight
Silent tears and jagged cries are heard
From plunderers of nature's true parks

The guilt of corruption, of bleeding forests
of toying with the ocean's peace
Are now in question

Where were the questions when the philandering began
Now it is the man on the street who stands in vain
In the end, the never-ending guilt of serving
the rich remains..

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