Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Home Away Home

So I am into Week Four of a course I am doing with Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tales as a topic. It is really interesting to look into his life and analyze his thoughts and his style of writing and here I am trying to get into his mind and write somewhat like him..Wish me luck!

Outside the vastness enticed him
With dracha tucked in his pocket
Not much to his name
And lugging his belongings
He went on his way..

The mountains do they have any steps
he mustered
How does one climb it without wearing down the feet
Would the shoes be accepting of the trails of rugged terrain

I wonder if they do have large ears to hear
For it echoes in threes
When you shout from its tip
And welcomes anyone to stand on its peak

His song on his lips
His mind to be a King
He would find a Princess 
With a Kingdom to her name

The trail was long
His dreams were sound
He would someday be a King


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