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Friday, February 3, 2017

God Said, Man Said..

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One day God looked down from his heavenly abode and saw that there was no life on Earth and he said "Let there be Life way down there where magnificent mountains reign and majestic valleys run deep. Let there be creatures who graze on the land so sprawling and wide and of those of every kind both big and small. Let there be flowers that bloom and fruits of every type on trees and on the ground. Let it be filled with fishes of every kind in waters that collide into mighty seas so pristine and immaculate in my eyes".
"For I want to share my creation with all the World. I have created a Marvel of a beauteous Land for the inhabitants of this World where the oceans will claim the most expanse and colors of rainbows mingle with the Sun after rainfall. From East to West and from North to South it would be a wonder to all".

Then he thought for a while and said to himself "Why don't I have a Man and a Woman who will oversee my wondrous creation. They will marvel at my creation and treat it with much pride and care just as I do". So God made Man and of Man He made a Woman and he was pleased. For in God's mind, the World would be a paradise where there would be no hunger,pain or disease and no warring for He had provided for everything that Man and the creatures that lived there could ever want.  I will make the Man and Woman and their descendants the inheritors of my Creation and they will live in content," He thought with much satisfaction.

After God created Man and his Woman, God saw that his creation was breathtakingly impressive and he was pleased. He then told the Man and his Woman that they are the inheritors of Earth and that they would have no lacking and to do what they pleased as long as they took care of Earth and loved it the way He did. And then God went away.

The Man and his Woman looked around them and saw the riches bestowed on them as they multiplied and grew in numbers. Then Man decided that they needed to demarcate the land and separate their kin. For some had started to be displeased about their share of inheritance. Thus greed and power engulfed their minds. Soon arguments and power struggle ensued.

Man was an intelligent creature. His brilliant innovation spread throughout the world and empowered
the demarcated lands which had become to be known as countries with borders and their intensity of developments were crowned with riches and power. The race to wealth were upmost in their minds, It was the time for Innovators and Innovation of every kind. For Man made great strides with new technologies and research thus creating wealth and in turn huge profits. Then they had to hide their knowledge and power and keep their countries safe. Nuclear weapons were built to safeguard territories, weapons of mass destruction were constructed and discord and suspicion ensured a place in their minds. Mindless wars were fought in between. As a result there was disparity in the wealth of the world and the world became a smaller place. The poor was the outcome for the race to wealth. This division caused the allocation of wealth to be uneven and  the lesser ones were stricken with poverty and sickness and being vast in number delved in hunger and pain and a tormented life. Man had now become of a different race and a different religion. There was no more one race and one religion. The inheritors of the World had torn it apart by creating all the negatives that one could think of in their pursuit of the positives. By virtue of a torn world, Man had lost his sense of peace and hence had lost his inheritance to the whole of Earth. The oceans were ravaged and the land plundered. Diseases thrived and many perished. Calamities and catastrophes were thriving in a world brought down by Man. The ozone layer was now in jeopardy. The Earth became a parody. By this time God had disappeared from this World. He did not expect this of Man.

Then years passed and one day Man asked "Where is God?. I am so ashamed for I have lost my inheritance to the World that my forefathers had and entrusted to us by the God of their time. An Earth of pureness and peace, An Earth where my children would survive without a care in the world. A clean Earth with no pollution. An Earth which all of us would have gladly called our own!".

Where is God? God went away entrusting His creation to Man who deceived Him in the end and who now lives looking for peace, cleanliness, faith, hope and a second chance at life and displaced without a home. God went away the day He saw his World in perfect creation. It is best not to expect Him to return and see the mess made by generations of men who have only desired power and wealth and held greed in their hearts.

The whole world lies in plunder and I believe that only if there is the faith of a mustard seed with charity and love in hearts, God will come back. It is no use praying when what you preach does not concur. God will not hear the wicked hearted and it takes just one to make a change with a sincere heart for peace to prevail. The world is badly in need of an olive branch. God is all about love, beauty and cleanliness. There is no place for him in this Earth at this moment. This chaotic life will prevail until one day wicked men will see their results of wrongful preaching and deeds. God does not preach killings and evil deeds nor lies nor deceit. These are the works of the devil. When did we lose God?

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