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Saturday, February 18, 2017

The Terrorist Made Her Famous

She sat there looking at the blank page
Ink in her hand
There were many things that needed to be written
She sat there, still and thinking..

For decades she bore the brunt of pain
Not a pain that hampers her in any way
But cripples her wiles to be great in her art
Not that she could beat the rest out there
She wrote but with a tenacity of a will to compete
Empowered with a desire to excel

A dark spell had been cast on her
A magic that belongs to evil
She knew she would have to write against all odds
She beguiled evil with her impertinence
She would let no evil master her
She was a maiden much like from heaven
There is no victory in sight for those of the devil
They fall one by one

She tires some days of their foolishness
To render her dead
Blind, deaf and dumb as the serpent
They try without success
Over and over again
Scores of them and decades have passed
They fall in their own sly deceit

Death will someday come to her blessed and heralded
Not by the finger of evil will she lie in tomb
She has filled her page with ink
And she waves her hand in victory
For by trying to suppress her supremacy
They have instead gained her everlasting fame

She repeats,she is made famous by the killers of a lewd religion
Extremism and terror have they spread
Even a hundred fold among them
Seeking her death by vile means
They now know loss to someone who dared a dream
And brought upon shameful destruction in their midst
They try again and again
A million more and dead they fall
Failing miserably in their quest

She sits now quiet in her knowing
For as she is sought in revenge for their destruction
Her resilience to their evil has her gaining footage
Multitudes that come forth
Have understood her reason for fame
and acknowledge
That the terrorist themselves have made her famous!
She has destroyed them at their own game.

All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2017

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