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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Why when on rainbow wings I fly

Why do you only appear after a shower of rain?
Should I think that maybe 
Just Maybe 
You want to dazzle me after darkening the clouds
And bringing down a torrent of rain
And leaving the place 
Just Maybe
Sparkling clean

Why do your colors match that of the heavens
Should I think that maybe
Just Maybe
It is so angels are endeared to sing

O the wonders are seven
Even in heaven
On rainbow wings I fly

They spring from the sky
And reach just so I
Can whisper in joys true say

Why do you bring on these feelings of gaiety
It is so that the world can be humbled at your beauty
and temerity.


All Rights Reserved. Copyright@shobana2017

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Within the Silence

There is a silence you have never heard of
One that catches you off guard and that which takes you
into the abyss of the hidden unknown..
One that catapults you into a transfixed state

Into the realm of that silence
You sit whiling the minutes away
Wondering if anything makes sense
Or even if any of it is real

That walk into the silence requires a practiced form
One of addicted stringent rules that awake only the mind
Almost in a trance, rhyming and chanting of verses sung
Words that spring forth are holy and sublime

If you walk into that silence
The peace there is unbearable
There is total release from worldly pleasures
And when you feel that silence leave your spoken form
You will understand only then that words are but a man-made
excuse to be excluded from this resurrective state of mind.


Tuesday, March 14, 2017

My Playroom

I have a little playroom tucked away in a corner of my house

It is a room that I keep my toys stacked neatly to play with when I want

I have a table of my own too that matches the furniture and my ball

With numbers and alphabets displayed right across the wall.

I love my little study table where

My pencils are close at hand

I write in deep concentration while Mr Bear keeps a close watch

I learn my ABCs not forgetting the 123s

When I grow up I want to be as clever as my dad

When I am tired I lay down on the carpet floor

And talk so eagerly to my dear friend Mr Bear

He listens to me and my tales without making any noise

And looks at me gently with his kind beady brown eyes

I fall asleep sometimes and find myself in my mom’s arms

And snuggle a little closer to feel the warmth of her hug

But there is no other place I would rather be

Than in My Playroom among my favorite toys

with my books and Mr Bear to keep me company

All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2016

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