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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Happy Labour Day - Working Together

There's never been a time
When Working Together was a Crime

We learn and grow as One
And Make a Nation Proud

We breed the success sown
As only a United Work Force Can

And reap the profits grown
From a shared collaborative Union



Sunday, April 23, 2017

Live Like Its The Last Day Of Your Life (Wake Up To Sunrise)

Wake up to Sunrise
Wake up so free
Take in the morning view
Once in a Day you get to see
Its rising

Keep it in memory
Once you have dwelt in its grace
You'll never see the same sunrise
Rise the same way again

Wake up to Beauty
From the great throes of Nature
Its free and its freeing
To a tired world you'll agree

Live like that Sunrise
Wanting the world at its feet
Knowing its beauty
Is chased by every man on the street

It shows itself knowing
It has to depart once its been seen
Making memories
Lasting lifetimes for some

Live like the Sunrise
Though it lasts only a day
As it creates an impression
That lasts forever in minds and captured in a frame

Live like its the Last Day of Your Life !


Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Wind Chime

Have you ever listened to the notes of the wind chime?
They dance to the music of the winds and breeze
Breezes that sometimes twirls your tendrils that fall out of place
And create confusion in the locks that fall apart

The soothing sounds echoes in the silence of the distant
Reverberating the air that we breathe
It brings on a smile that speaks with a twinge of gaiety
Making hearts feel light and bright

Sometimes you can hear even magic
Of whispers against the wind that touches those sounds
It makes silence even harder to ignore
It’s a masterpiece created to outdo the musicians
For it’s played by the winds and has no master...


Friday, April 14, 2017

Blessed Good Friday

Its when the show of love is greater than the pain endured. Its when a heart so kind is embellished as an example in a vile world - shobana

Goddess of Song

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