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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Live Like Its The Last Day Of Your Life (Wake Up To Sunrise)

Wake up to Sunrise
Wake up so free
Take in the morning view
Once in a Day you get to see
Its rising

Keep it in memory
Once you have dwelt in its grace
You'll never see the same sunrise
Rise the same way again

Wake up to Beauty
From the great throes of Nature
Its free and its freeing
To a tired world you'll agree

Live like that Sunrise
Wanting the world at its feet
Knowing its beauty
Is chased by every man on the street

It shows itself knowing
It has to depart once its been seen
Making memories
Lasting lifetimes for some

Live like the Sunrise
Though it lasts only a day
As it creates an impression
That lasts forever in minds and captured in a frame

Live like its the Last Day of Your Life !


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