Sunday, July 9, 2017

Through Another's Lens

There are times when we hang on to someone's words, relishing in its awesomeness-its often from people who see the world thru another lens!

Have you ever seen the other side of the mountain
Invisible to the naked eye?

There is a lot you can picture with closed eyes.

There may be a blizzard or an avalanche
Maybe even a sunrise or a sunset
Or it might snow and rain the same time
Or you can even catch tiny bubbles that float by

Some days you can visualize a choir of angels
Or see the fairies in blue
Maybe even the dazzling of stars
Can align in a showcase of silver spots
On a silently peaceful night

Have you ever thought where your dreams come from
They are little messages from the heavens
They capture your life
And disguise in your mind
And make it seem like its yours

Maybe behind those mountain tops
lay secrets to dreams unfulfilled
Scattered across looking for its mate
Who has lost the will to make it come true

All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2017

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