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Monday, August 14, 2017

The Magic of Perseid

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Have you ever watched the magic woven by the Perseid?
Falling stars or Meteoric Showers, 
Name them what you like, they fall from the sky
in a show of radiance and likened to shooting stars 

Gazing up to the sky on a darkened night
She watches a constellation of stars so bright
Sometimes by the hundreds they fall, showering the Earth
Would it dent where it falls
Like how it dazzles the Earth
Or would it burn a hole
Like how it blinds the eye - with beauty

Wasn't it Zeus's son, Perseus who defeated Medusa
Perseus. the constellation
Or the constellation that reflects Perseus
Perseus represented
His image depicted by those very stars holding the head of Medusa,
Her Star Algol,The Head Of The Demon plays her part
A Greek Mythology resurrected
How extraordinary! 
The Milky Way - the home of Perseus, the constellation

She gazes at those stars so high above enraptured
Stars that graze each other and fall with revered speed
Through luckless eyes she tries to spot the Radiant
That tiny spot where the Perseid begins its trail of magic
The core of its creation!

Hundreds fall across the sky plunging deep behind mountains that 
are hidden by a blanket of blackened veil 
Amazing descent!
For there the lighting stars casts spectacular
shows for watches like I. 

All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2017

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