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Friday, September 22, 2017

What else did you do in the Gold Coast? - A tale in pictures..

I saw breathtaking scenery that ran a ripple down my spine..
And I had to just blend in with the beauty...
A kaleidoscope of colors outlined the skylines here
making it a dreamy evening awaiting dusk...
I played on a swing and became a child once again
flying high up and then down again...
I had the park all to myself
Not a soul in sight
Just me on a swing in the park on a Friday morn..
I saw this cutie on a morning walk
Alone and waiting for his breaky I'm sure...
The night life soared just like its venue -
the tallest building in the Gold Coast..

I think a snap of me in front of a tree
and parking bays empty shows its a holiday... 
Of course a tatoo studio, what else could it be???

The clean, cool air nourished my senses
In the midst of nature, I stood refreshed...
I was excited, the kangaroos and koala will I see in a matter of minutes
you see...

Mr Blinky and I took a shot together, boy was I excited
he is such a charmer!!
There's Mr Roo, Mr Kangaroo - just taking it all in his stride...

The glee on my face was so apparent.
I had a marvelous time in this wondersome sanctuary...

Time to catch the train for a ride around the sanctuary..

Boy was it worth it, it brought back childhood memories...

to be continued....

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Key to Freedom

I have a key to freedom
Not the one an average girl has
It takes me to quite a different sphere
One where I can delve into unknown depths

It jolts me out of my reverie
Makes me feel like a royalty
Or even a pauper
It makes love sound so intriguing
With all its mannerisms of disguise

Sometimes it takes me to my past
And makes my future seem uncertain
For sure it takes me on a ride
Even an airplane cannot entrance me with its height

I have a key to freedom
One that stays deep rooted in me
No one has the right to open it
It stays with me till eternity.


All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2017

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