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Sunday, October 1, 2017

Notes of a Dreamer

I write just breaking the monotony of reading
Last night was a collision of storms
Every where there was something happening
Outside the world and Inside my reasoning

The thunder and lightning streaks shadowed what would be a lovely rainy day
I love watching those raindrops fall
Pitter-patter they fall
Touching and leaving trails on grounds that breathe of dust

I could dream if I wanted deep in the night
But those dreams are best kept for those who sleep
For I would surely wake up and find that they are just unattainable!

So I begin another chapter in my mind

I want to dream when I am still and awake
For I am prepared to face any consequences
They may or may not come to abundance
But then, if I was awake, I could surely resurrect it
And keep reaching for it to unfold

Maybe I will catch my dream someday
And Maybe I won't
But if dreams are meant to awaken your spirit
Then I believe that it will change the part of you
that just wants to sleep.


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