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Saturday, December 16, 2017

The Light Shines Bright Awaiting Christmas

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peace this christmas

The silence of the night filled all Earth
The flickers of a candle
Sways alight

There is a wisdom that underlines
Each flicker that shines bright
-The world awakens to the birth of Jesus-

From a humble beginning
He rose to the highest heavens
His words on lips of the Just
and Righteous
For what is greater
Than to have the whole world
At the wonder
of a child born in a manger
and to have his birth
Celebrated throughout generations.

Allrightsreserved. Copyright@shobana2017

Monday, December 11, 2017

I believe in the magic of Christmas

Image result for free image of alone christmas star
Peace this Christmas

I believe that even a lone star finds the chance
to light the world
Even if  the clouds soar
blocking its heavenly sojourn
the star will find a way to shine through

Do you believe in the magic of Christmas?
When the darken skies are lit
From East to West
From North to South
In every corner of the Globe
Twinkling their presence
Gift wrapped with star dust
And filing the world with its magic

I believe in the chorus of Christmas carols
Sung in every church
Where bells do toll
Ringing loud and clear
Announcing Cheer
To silent hearts
that whisper love

Loud and clear
the bells do toll
Peace to all who wisdom bear
And Grace the World 
In solemn Prayer
Its Christmas
Believe in Christmas

Oh Christmas
I believe in the magic of Christmas 

Allrightsreserved. Copyright@shobana2017

Sunday, December 3, 2017

God's Little Angel

Peace This Christmas

Down on my knees
I bowed and prayed
For Peace

A little star blinked Oh so bright
Captivating hearts
I thought I heard a Gentle Voice

"I'm God's Little Angel
Shining Down From Heaven
Just like the constellation
I stand in Awe
of God's Creed
And light the World
Lifting Tired Souls
And Refreshing Hearts gone cold

Wake Up The Living Who Are Dead
Amongst the Nations they reside
And are blind
To a World of "Peace"

Lift up your prayer in song
Let the timbrel sound
For I am God's Little Angel
Lifting Up the World 
for the one who bowed
And prayed for Peace"

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