Saturday, April 7, 2018

Once, When It Didn't Rain

A child was born, its tiny hands closed in a fist
Image result for free images of waterfallsA mother kissed them open.

Once, when it didn't rain, the sky shone its brilliance
Every ray touched Earth, warming even its coldest part

The smiles were brighter, brighter even than the sun that shone its brilliance
For love stood out and laughter touched hearts
Life's worth magnified, for friendship reverberated among the forsaken
Not a soul was left behind lonely
Not a wooden shack was left unlighted
Not a sad heart suffered in silence
The madness of life went unjustified

Once, When it didn't rain
There were no downcast skies
No Man was without
No Question unanswered
No loss of kin ignited tears
No grief over troubled waters

Every branch that fell off trees covered the Earth and nourished its ground anew
A new flame made hearts happier
And a new world began to revolve.

All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2018

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