Monday, May 14, 2018

Last Night When I Dreamed

Well, Mother's Day is over but then this is an ongoing celebration isn't it? Every Day should be a celebration of that very special and foremost lady in our lives.

I don't know but the Mothers of the past were a self-sacrificing lot. The welfare of their families foremost in their minds, they did whatever they had to do to make a house a home.

It is a respectable job and one that commands respect. And then of course, the duties are never ending and the responsibilities that came with it either made or broke a family.

The mothers of today are a choice lot. Modern and brazen in their outlook, they succeed in dividing their attention between family and career. They are from an era where equality between the genders are non-negotiable. Right now, they show the world their eminence as an irrepressible force in the economics of participation in every sphere.

Happy Mother's Day to all you lovely mothers out there. May you be blessed.

Last night was different
This dream had tinges of you 
Your smile as I walked the distance
Your touch when I breathed in the fragrance of the evening dew
Left me searching for your presence
Among the unseen pallets
of the mystic view

Last Night When I Dreamed
There were traces of your lingering
that appeared in the cringes of a clouded mysterious trail.

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